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Buckley Services

Taking cleaning to a
higher standard

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Your Commercial Property at Its Cleanest

Get the most thorough, reliable, and personalized commercial cleaning services from Buckley Services in New Orleans, Louisiana. Our professional team is equipped with the right knowledge, equipment, and skills to make sure you’re satisfied with our janitorial services. Contact us today to learn more.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to maintain a clean, healthy, safe and sanitary environment  with innovation  and technology to achieve a higher standard of cleaning .  


Ralph Buckley, Owner

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About Our Company

Buckley Services was formed on July 1, 1999. We operated as Buckley Janitorial Services under the leadership of Ms. Mary M Buckley until March 2003 of her death. Mr. Ralph K. Buckley took responsibly over the family business. Our first major customer was the Sewerage & Water Board the contract was awarded July 2003.

In July 2004 the Sewerage & Water Board approved the renewal of the contract this was the first ever renewal of the Janitorial contract. We begin to pick up more major clients in banking and retail. Our clients begin to request more services from us such as lighting, lawn services and handyman services. In 2005 we change our name to Buckley Services INC. in which that year we incorporated.

By June of 2005 we employed over 100 people and were rapidly expanding then came hurricane Katrina fortunately we did not lose any equipment when we got back to the city of New Orleans in September 2005. We immediately start working we even was helping other janitorial service company's get back on their feet.

By October 2005 Buckley Services begin doing business in the state of Mississippi. Since then we provide service in four other states this includes Texas, Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi. We have serviced 60% of the retail market and serviced countless small businesses, corporate, and Government facilities.

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